Program Offerings


Over many years in ministry, Antonia has participated in a wide array of special events, women’s conferences, worship conferences and motivational business meetings. Her ability and willingness to adapt to the needs of different events is what makes her a favorite and a blessing to every gathering. Even though these events vary in appearance, they can usually be categorized into the categories below:

Worship Leader

From the beginning of her career, she has artfully blended touching people’s lives through music with leading them into the presence of God.  There are worship leaders and there are concert artists, and there is a small group of people that do both. Antonia is one of those people. Many times people who have come to an event with Antonia expecting a concert often walk away expressing how much they enjoyed the time of worship. She has worked with many leading worship artists such as Israel Houghton, Martha Manuzzi, Ron Kenoly, Babbie Mason and others.  Many people have stated how have experienced the presence of the Lord and how completely blessed they are by the message that Antonia has brought through song.

Concert Artist

As a concert artist, Antonia has the ability to write and sing songs that encourage and inspire others with a message that motivates and make you feel good.  No matter the event, Antonia has the ability to tailor the songs and adapt to the event and its purpose.  Whether it be a business meeting, retreat, wedding, birthday parties, small audience or large audience; with a track or full band; just one or two songs or a full concert; Antonia will come and add another dimension to your meetings that will make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Women’s Meetings and Conferences

Antonia is a favorite at women’s meetings! She brings an energy and inspiration through her music to any meeting. She has a new single called the Power of a Woman that has become a powerful anthem for many women’s meetings…this song celebrates the strength encourages and inspires women to be all that God has created them to be and to remind of their God-given purpose and the strength they have been given. She would also be a great inspiration to women as a speaker.

Worship Conferences and Workshops

You don’t have to spend very long around Antonia to realize that she is a worshipper, teacher and mentor…she is all about inspiring and helping other worship leaders. She loves spending with them, talking with them, and equipping them the best she can. This is the heartbeat behind her organization Fresh Rain Music. If your worship department needs a “Fresh” touch… Antonia also holds workshops and breakout sessions for worship leaders and team, and choir members to talk about the practical and spiritual realities of this special calling.

Fresh Rain Worship Seminar is designed for the local church where in one weekend, your team members will be refreshed and elevated to another level in their understanding and call of the ministry of Praise and Worship. The mission of this workshop is to promote growth in the knowledge and experience of authentic worship. The purpose is to help to train and develop those who have heart to serve in the praise and worship ministry, to become more skillful in leading the congregation in intimate and effective worship. Antonia loves helping other worship leaders navigate the ever-changing dynamic of leading congregations into the presence of God.

If you are interested in having Antonia speak for a conference, it would be her honor to share some time with your church and other worship leaders who might be in attendance. Fill out our booking form here. She is also available for other Special Events such as Christmas programs, Business meetings and gatherings, and Weddings.